Application Security Program

Build your application security program to identify and manage security flaws introduced into the application throughout the development lifecycle.

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Application Security Program Phases

In this fast-growing technology era, digital lives are heavily dependent on various applications and software and require robust security.

ioSENTRIX performs various touchpoints through the development process. Our holistic testing model ensures the application's security at each layer, from architecture and code implementation to post-development.

secure SDLC

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secure architecture

Architecture Review

Identify vulnerabilities and threats present in the application backend and front-end, including microservices, APIs, databases, and overall architecture. Secure your product from the initial development stage with the thoroughly reviewed application architecture and design.

Threat Modeling

From hypothetical scenarios to in-depth system diagrams and application design analyses, understand the attack surface to reduce risks and have the best security controls to protect the product.

threat model
source code review

Code Review

Enhance the security of your application source code by spotting hidden vulnerabilities, backdoors, and insecure coding practices through automated scans (SAST), manual code review, and Software Composition Analysis (SCA).

Security Assessment & Penetration Testing 

Evaluate the application security posture and test the implemented security controls robustness through Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing (VAPT), Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST), and other security assessment.


Secure SDLC 

Whether you have just started building your application or already have a model, integrate secure development methodologies and policies to steer your SDLC in the right direction.

Whether waterfall or agile, convert your existing SDLC into Secure SDLC with the best suites for your organization’s needs.


sales consultant

ioSENTRIX LLC is a security consulting firm. We provide a wide range of security consulting services to our clients worldwide. We are an innovative consulting company offering a full range of cyber security services to businesses of all sizes, tailored to meet any budget requirements. Our list of clients spans the fortune 500, large enterprises to, small start-ups, financial institutions, and several high-tech companies.

The experts at ioSENTRIX have a wealth of experience assessing various applications ranging from simple to complex apps, gaming consoles to health care systems, and IoT devices to other complex solutions.

We not only focus on discovering vulnerabilities, but we also help our clients by identifying, mitigating, and preventing vulnerabilities in their software, infrastructure, and cloud.

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